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Seed Investing 101 with Sriram Krishnan

August 22, 2023

Is seed investing dead? Or is it the best time ever? For founders, do you need to reset your expectations on valuation? What about traction? Will 2021 ever be back? Or is 2023 seed stage venture capital the new normal?

At Meow, we’re excited to co-host this workshop with Sriram Krishnan.

Sriram Krishnan is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Kearny Jackson, an early-stage venture fund. He’s also an advisor at Calm, AngelList, Khatabook, and Akash Systems. Sriram previously led international growth at Tinder and new markets for Spotify.

Key Takeaways

  • Build warm introductions to investors through your network rather than cold outreach.
  • Run a tight fundraising process over 2-3 weeks when you are ready.
  • For early rounds, target angels, seed funds, and conviction-driven investors who will write first checks.
  • Develop domain expertise rather than chasing waves like AI; compound focus on one industry.
  • Investors have a global view; founders often just see local maximum of a problem. Seek broader perspective.
  • Get a product in users' hands as fast as possible for validation over anything else.

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