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How to Raise VC Money in 2023

September 14, 2023

Frank Rotman - the founder of $4 billion VC firm QED Investors - joins Chris and Brandon to discuss what VCs want to see in your pitch in 2023, how founders should change, how VCs have changed, the biggest mistakes founders should avoid, and seed vs. growth stage fundraising.

At QED, Frank has invested in 200 companies and 28 unicorns and was a big part of taking Capital One from idea to a $30 billion+ public company today.

Key Takeaways

  • "Founder friendly" is a ridiculous VC mentality; a friend is trusted advisor, not just someone who just gives founders whatever they want. Good VCs challenge assumptions and give tough feedback.
  • When evaluating startups, Frank looks for how founders think and react to tough questions, not just the answers. He sees if they are open-minded, can admit being wrong, and are not overly attached to their solution.
  • QED has never invested from a cold linkedin DM; find a way to get a warm introduction... and it's not that hard with a little work
  • The VC industry will see shakeout as many first-time funds struggle to raise again after weak early investments during the hype period.

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