Findigs Customer Case Study With Steve Carroll (Co-Founder & CEO)

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Meow Technologies, Inc.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Findigs Customer Case Study With Steve Carroll (Co-Founder & CEO)

Meow Technologies is a financial technology company, not a bank or FDIC-depository insured institution.

Advisory services are offered through Meow Advisory, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. Brokerage services provided by BNY Mellon Pershing, member SIPC, through a clearing and custody relationship with Atomic Invest.

Findigs is a real estate technology company remaking the rental experience in America. Their digital underwriting platform verifies applicant identity, income, and more in minutes, so property managers can move faster while eliminating fraud. By prioritizing fairness and transparency in the application process, renters can apply with confidence and spend less time waiting.

They’ve raised over $15mm to date, from top-tier investors including Streamlined Ventures, Expa, Allen & Co, Activant, and more.

1. Why did you choose Meow?

"The obvious answer is that in this rate environment, Meow offered a frictionless way to get higher yields on our cash…

But we had to check three boxes before we were comfortable moving millions of dollars:

  • Trust

The Meow team went above and beyond in answering our questions and providing transparency around the mechanics of our transactions. Trust is the foundation of any business relationship particularly with banking.

  • Safety

Knowing that Findigs dollars are custodied at BNY Mellon Pershing, one of the largest custodians in the world.

  • Credibility

We dove deep on the people behind Meow and saw a first-rate, product led team. It shows in the product which is straight-forward and user-friendly. It was also important to us that Meow has top-tier investors around the table supporting them."

2. What was your treasury management stack before Meow and how do you plan to use Meow in the future?

"We were in lower yielding accounts getting eaten by inflation.

Our go-forward plan is to allocate as much of our capital as possible to Meow beyond cash to fund our short-term business expenses."

3. How has the general startup ecosystem changed recently in regards to treasury management and capital efficiency?

"Every single dollar matters.

And every founder I talk to is looking to find smart ways to extend runway and stretch existing cash.

Meow is a great place to do this."

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