Ditch the spreadsheet.

Meow Runway connects with Quickbooks, Puzzle, and Xero to instantly visualize your cash burn, remaining runway, revenue and current expenses and its free.

Enterprise-grade FP&A tooling

Visualize all aspects of your business' finances

Features for every one of your needs

Runway tracker

Gain real-time visibility into your financial runway, all through one unified dashboard.

Accounting integrations

Sync your data, transactions, and financial insights between our Runway by Meow and Quickbooks, Puzzle, and Xero.

Interactive Dashboards

Explore, analyze, and track key metrics, trends, and performance indicators in real-time.

Visualize your company's runway

View your entire financial forecast in one unified dashboard.

Explore all of your company's accounts, including your revenue, expenses, income, and balance.

FDIC Insurance
Up to 5.02% APY

Track your spending and interest earned

Instantly view your months of remaining runway based on average cash burn.

Never guess your monthly expenses again. Avoid costly surprises by instantly comparing your largest monthly spend items.

See how much Meow boosts your runway.

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