How to Incorporate in Arizona (May 2024 Update)

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

How to Incorporate in Arizona (May 2024 Update)

Arizona is increasingly becoming one of the most popular states in which to start a business. With its warm climate, stunning natural landscapes, and business-friendly laws that limit regulations and make starting a company straightforward, entrepreneurs are flocking to the Grand Canyon State to turn their dreams into reality.

If you’ve decided Arizona is the right location for your startup, you’re probably wondering what’s involved in formally establishing your business there. While the bureaucratic side of things might seem dull compared to imagining your innovative new products or services, properly setting up the legal structure of your company is crucial for limiting liability and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Incorporating your business in Arizona entails three vital steps: appointing a registered agent, choosing a unique company name, and filing Articles of Incorporation. Walk through each phase correctly, and your corporation will be off to a great start.

Step 1: Appoint a Registered Agent

The first order of business when incorporating in Arizona is designating a registered agent to represent your company. This agent must be an individual or business entity that maintains a physical street address within the state, not just a P.O. box.

Your registered agent’s address will be the official location at which your corporation receives correspondences and legal papers. Having someone reliably collect and forward these crucial documents helps ensure no delays or missed communication. It also means court summonses get into the right hands quickly should any legal issues arise.

Using a registered agent service can simplify things tremendously compared to appointing an individual. Established companies specializing in this area guarantee someone is always available during regular business hours and have procedures in place for digitally forwarding documents to key personnel immediately.

Some registered agent services also provide complimentary extras relevant to newly incorporated businesses in Arizona. For example, when you use certain providers, you can avoid the state’s publishing requirements explained later. Others file necessary reports for you or send helpful email reminders about deadlines.

Step 2: Choose a Business Name

Next up in starting your Arizona corporation: selecting an official business name. You’ll want one that’s unique, memorable, aligns with your brand identity, and conveys your offerings. But make sure to double-check the name isn’t already taken before getting your heart set!

The Arizona Corporation Commission provides an online business entity search you can use to browse existing company names. Be sure to also look on both federal and state levels to see if someone has already trademarked your preferred name.

Once you land on “the one,” you then have a few options:

  • Reserve the name with the ACC for 120 days
  • Register it as a trade name with the Arizona Secretary of State
  • Go ahead and file your Articles of Incorporation to snag the name before anyone else

Arizona law mandates all corporation names include a word like “Incorporated,” “Limited,” “Association,” or an abbreviation. You also can’t use terminology that falsely implies your business is a bank or has government affiliations.

Step 3: File Articles of Incorporation

Ready to make it official? The next step for incorporating in Arizona is filing your Articles of Incorporation, the legal document that formally creates your corporation. You submit Articles to the Arizona Corporation Commission, and they become part of public record.

You can file your Articles by mail, in person, or electronically using the ACC’s special online filing system. The filing fee is $60, with pricier expedited options taking as little as a few hours for impatient entrepreneurs!

When completing Arizona Articles, you’ll need to provide specifics like:

  • Your corporation’s name and type
  • Character of business
  • Number and classes of shares
  • Known place of business address
  • Company directors and officers
  • Appointed statutory agent info
  • Certificate of Disclosure

Using a registered agent service for this step can help maintain privacy by listing their address instead of yours. Some companies even have staff that can serve as incorporators to take care of required signatures.

Additional Requirements

You’re so close to being able to open for business! But Arizona does impose a few other requirements on newly incorporated entities:

  • Publication: Within 60 days of approval from the ACC, you must publish a legal notice about your corporation’s formation in a local periodical for three consecutive issues. This applies unless your statutory agent is located in Maricopa or Pima County.
  • EIN: Though optional for corporations without employees, applying online for your free Employer Identification Number from the IRS is quick and useful for business bank accounts.
  • Bylaws: Every new corporation should draft bylaws outlining internal processes, rules, and regulations tailored to their management style.
  • Organizational Meeting: After incorporating, Arizona law mandates companies hold an initial meeting to take care of business like appointing leadership roles, adopting bylaws, and issuing stock certificates.

Ongoing Compliance

Even after completing all the steps above to start your Arizona corporation, a few regular compliance tasks will be essential for keeping everything running smoothly:

  • Annual Report: You must file an annual report with a $45 fee around your anniversary date to provide updated company contacts and confirm you should remain authorized to operate.
  • Taxes: Stay on top of both state and federal tax obligations. Arizona corporations pay a 4.9% base corporate income tax and might need transaction privilege tax licenses.
  • Licenses: Verify all required regulatory permissions, certificates, and general business licenses for your location and industry are up to date. Consider using a compliance service that tracks everything for you.


Following the three phases of appointing an agent, selecting a unique name, and filing your Articles of Incorporation establishes the legal framework for your Arizona corporation. Handle additional needs like publishing notices, obtaining an EIN, and holding an organizational meeting, and you’re all set to hit the ground running!

Don’t let administrative paperwork drag you down or unintentionally fall out of compliance once open for business. Consider enlisting help from specialized small business services to take care of tedious filings and monitoring so you can stay focused on your entrepreneurial endeavors. With the proper establishment, your Arizona corporation will thrive for years to come.

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