Venture Debt

Accelerate Growth with Venture Debt

Unlock growth opportunities and preserve equity ownership by leveraging venture debt to extend your financial runway.

Benefits of Venture Debt

Flexible Financing

Outpace competitors and achieve milestones faster, leveraging flexible financing without diluting ownership.

Extended Runway

Extend your financial runway and execute growth strategies, seize opportunities, and maintain control between equity rounds.

Valuation Protection

Protect your valuation, preserve ownership, and negotiate better terms during subsequent equity rounds.

How it works

Meow streamlines the venture debt process with its multiple venture debt partners. You only need to submit one application and we will try to find you the best deal.

We leverage our extensive network to connect you with the most competitive deal tailored to your company's needs. Venture debt provides an attractive alternative to equity financing, offering flexible terms and lower dilution. By submitting a few pieces of information, you can secure the optimal venture debt solution to fuel your growth while preserving ownership and maximizing your company's potential.

About Venture Debt

Extend your runway with Venture Debt